Team Tree of Life

Team Tree of Life--raised nearly $4000 for vulnerable children by running, walking, biking...

RPU partner Ken Bennett from Slippery Rock, PA was the star of this fund-raiser as well as the key initiator.   His efforts resulted in over $2000 in donations to Real Partners Uganda!  Way to go, Ken!  

We are hoping to hold a similar fund-raiser during the summer and fall of 2011.  Please contact us through http://www.realpartnersuganda.orgweeblylink_new_window if you have an interest in participating or organizing this event.  

Many thanks to all who participated, supported and publicized this event!

The work in Uganda:

Real Partners Uganda in the U.S. and Tree of Life Ministries in Uganda are moving forward on a new campus serving orphans and vulnerable children in Lukaya, Uganda.  The vision is to create a model of good education for children and also a model of sustainable systems for the greater community.  
The choices being made here can promote standards for 
  • new construction and renovation projects, 
  • landscaping, 
  • real cost accounting, 
  • solutions toward solving local and global problems, and 
  • engaging the community to break the cycle of poverty.
To find our more about the accomplishments and plans of Tree of Life Ministries/RPU visit:



Typical Ugandan way of cooking--inefficient use of fuel, pollution, lack of sanitation and dangerous to the health of the cooks.

New energy-efficient, non-polluting, Ugastoves are made in Uganda and allow the cooks to work in the kitchen without breathing smoke.


Pit latrines like this one are being replaced with composting toilets.



Crowded classrooms with as many as 100 children per teacher are common in Uganda.  The goal at MSA is larger classrooms, more hands-on resources, better food, and a ratio of less than 30 students per teacher.


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